Unemployment Compensation Articles

Connecticut’s Shared Work Program

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            Connecticut’s Shared Work Program permits employers to reduce work hours while affected employees collect unemployment compensation equal to some or all of their lost earnings. Under the Program employees share the impact of reduced demand, but receive unemployment compensation benefits they would not otherwise be eligible for. To qualify for the Program, at least four full time employees must participate in the plan, employee hours must be reduced by 20 to 40 percent, employers must maintain all benefit levels, and the reduction in hours must be in lieu of a layoff of an equivalent percentage of the workforce. Employees must still meet the general eligibility requirements for unemployment compensation. Interested companies should contact the Connecticut Department of Labor at 860-263-6660 for an application, which typically takes up to 30 days for review and approval.

Unemployment Compensation Awarded for Quit Over Higher Insurance Deductible

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            The Connecticut Superior Court recently affirmed a decision of the Board of Review of the Employment Security Appeals Division granting unemployment compensation benefits to an employee who quit her job after her employer raised the health plan deductible to $2,000 per year. Yellow Cab Garage Co., Inc. v. Administrator, 2007 Conn. Super. LEXIS 3268 (Conn. Super. Ct. Dec. 7, 2007). The employee worked as a part-time bookkeeper for over three years and earned $17.50 per hour. Approximately nine months before she quit, Yellow Cab informed all employees that it was changing its health insurance plan.

Contesting Attendance Related Unemployment Compensation Claims

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            An employee will be denied unemployment compensation when an employer proves the claimant’s pattern of absence amounted to “willful misconduct.” CT Public Act 04-214.


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