Employment Law

Employment law covers all aspects of the employment relationship. In many cases both federal and state law apply to a given situation, as well as an employer's policies and practices. 

Matters reaching litigation often involve administrative proceedings before agencies such as the Department of Labor, or Commission on Human Rights. 

Once all administrative requirements are exhausted, cases are filed in either state or federal court depending on the particular statutes and common law matters at issue.

We provide a full range of employment law services, including:

arrowEmployment Agreements
arrowNon-Compete/Non-Solicitation Agreements
arrowTermination Agreements/Releases
arrowDiscrimination/Harassment Complaints
arrowFMLA/Leaves of Absence
arrowPrivacy Issues
arrowWage and Hour Compliance
arrowWrongful Termination
arrowUnemployment Compensation
arrowEmployment Litigation
arrowGeneral Employee Relations Advice and Counsel



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