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Managing people is hard. Most managers want to improve employee relations, increase productivity, and reduce litigation exposure, but don't always have the time or tools they need.  We can help. 

Taking some or all of the SmartSteps listed below will ensure your HR function is efficient, your policies are compliant, your supervisors are trained, and your employees feel valued.

In addition, we are available for general HR project work, or can supplement your HR staff on a part-time, on-going basis.


Human Resource Assessments
As a starting point, clients often request an overall review of their human resource function to help them attract and retain a qualified workforce. Covered areas include staffing, compensation, benefits, communications, employment policies, safety and training. The assessment also covers compliance with all legal requirements. Based on the findings, we work with clients to implement any changes needed to improve human resource procedures and comply with the vast number of laws covering today’s workplace.

Employee Opinion Surveys
In addition to the information obtained through a human resource assessment, opinion surveys provide the best source of unfiltered feedback from employees about their workplace perceptions. Armed with this knowledge, employers can tailor their practices to better meet employee expectations and improve productivity. Organizations also benefit by uncovering problems before they ripen into union organizing issues. We offer various survey tools with comprehensive, easy to understand graphic reports. We then work with you to implement changes necessary to address important employee concerns.

HR Policy and Employee Handbook Development
All employers should have a set of HR policies and/or an Employee Handbook. These tools help organizations maintain consistency and avoid claims of discriminatory treatment. They also provide supervisors with legally compliant answers to questions that inevitably arise, and do so in a manner consistent with a company’s needs and philosophies. Given frequent changes in the law, HR policies and Employee Handbooks should be reviewed annually.

The U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear that companies must train supervisors and employees on issues such as sexual harassment prevention, employee complaint procedures, and other workplace topics to take advantage of important affirmative defenses in the event of litigation. Separately, Connecticut requires all employers of 50 or more employees to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisors within six months of hire or promotion. We offer a variety of training programs that meet all mandated requirements.


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